QuadSAT, a Seraphim Space portfolio company, recently announced a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a new, standards compliant, innovative satellite antenna testing service. 

Satellite antenna manufacturers have strict standards that they must adhere to in order to have their products in market and operational. These standards are called SOMAP (Satellite Operators Minimum Antenna Performance). Antennae must go through rigorous and costly testing procedures to ensure that they pass these minimum requirements. These are in place to minimise the potential interference and transmission quality issues that can affect the network.

QuadSAT develops technology that will significantly reduce the operating expenses and improve the accuracy by increasing the uptime on networks for these antenna tests. The company has developed an innovative solution, using drones, to simulate an orbiting satellite around ships/planes in motion, to then test and calibrate satellite and VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) antennas, autonomously. QuadSAT is working closely with key industry players to establish that its drone testing capabilities can deliver SOMAP type-approvals for the satellite communications industry. 

We are pleased to see the support from ESA to assist in QuadSAT's product development and we believe this is an important milestone for the company. By providing an expanded test capability for demonstrating compliance with SOMAP recommendations and other satellite service provider requirements, QuadSAT's technology will be able to offer satellite operators a highly accurate and effective form of testing.