Seraphim Space portfolio company Altitude Angel is in the news through the announcement of their "sky corridor" that enables drones to fly in a controlled corridor to deliver small parcels and transport medical supplies. 

This will be the worlds first large-scale trial of its kind. Masts installed within the corridor will use radar and multiple tracking sensors to create the air traffic control system.

Drones will be registered with Altitude Angel, allowing them to be tracked and monitored. Drones will use the zone simultaneously travelling in either direction on a linear “motorway”. The platform will automatically keep drones apart and detect those at risk of a collision. Instructions such as “change flight path, hold, return or land” will be sent via the drone operator. Importantly the Altitude Angel system will intervene if the requests are not followed. 

The importance of this real-world trial cannot be underestimated. Beyond visual line of sight automated flight in unrestricted airspace is a very significant barrier to overcome in order to realise the vision of mass-commercial drone usage.

Over time a network of sky corridors could be developed to provide national networks of virtual motorways.