For satellite operators, launches often represent the most difficult and stressful phase of their missions. Multiple vital objectives must be accomplished in a brief period of time, including successfully locating their satellites and establishing initial communications. Certain types of missions, including rideshares with dozens of payloads belonging to multiple owner-operators, can further amplify these challenges.  

LeoLabs, a Seraphim portfolio company, has supported SpaceX since March 2020 for each Starlink launch, and will continue to do so for future launches under this agreement.

Take  look at the post below on Medium to see great video of the latest 60 Starlinks being released in orbit and the LeoLabs platform generating visual data products on the Starlink satellite train of satellites as they disperse and begin their orbit raising sequences.  

LeoLabs delivers accurate orbital data on Starlink satellites. Uniquely from the time the satellites first pass over one of the LeoLab radars to the time they deliver data to SpaceX is commonly less than one hour. This eliminates the need to rely on objects being added to the public catalog which can often take several days or up to weeks for complex missions.