Following SpaceX's successful record breaking rideshare mission yesterday, Iceye has launched another three of its SAR satellites. 

With a total of 10 of its ground-breaking satellites now successfully launched, Iceye is now cementing its first mover advantage in the increasingly competitive SAR market.

The addition of the three new satellites now means that Iceye operate's the world's largest SAR satellite constellation. With an ability to image any spot on the Earth through darkness and cloud with unparalleled reliability and frequency, Iceye's constellation is already starting to open up entirely new applications with its data.

Flood detection / monitoring is a great example of this. Determining the extent of flood damage quickly, accurately and at scale is a major problem for both disaster relief and insurance providers. As Iceye has recently shown in its work on Storm Christoph in the UK, data from its constellation combined with the company's cutting edge analytics can be used to provide real time analysis of the impact of flooding. 

This is but just one example of how having high resolution, high revisit SAR data can be a game-changer within a huge industry. 

With a further 8 satellites expected to be added to the constellation this year, we are incredibly excited to continue to partner with Iceye on their journey to push back the boundaries of the possible.