Great article from Space News "Renewed Climate Change Fight Bodes Well for Earth Observation Sectors" explains why Biden's climate policy is good news for Earth Observation. This is consistent with our article "Biden's Budget is Positive for Space", which highlights $14 billion in the government's FY22 budget request to fight climate change. 

"Space technologies such as Earth Observation, IoT satellites and Geospatial Data Analytics are playing an increasingly important role in environmental protection as they are used to monitor and track changes on Earth over time. We highlight initiatives from the $14 billion request to fight climate change that are positive for space.1) $2 billion (up $500 million y/y) for weather satellite programs at the National Oceanic Atmosphere Administration (NOAA);  2) $15.4 billion for clean energy technologies  at the Department of Energy (DOE); 3) $1.8 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA);  4) $1 billion to increase in forest resilience project for the Department of Agriculture, $750M to study climate change and wildfires, and clean up abandoned mines oil and gas wells for Department of Interior; and 5) funding to support improvements of the national airspace system, including integration of commercial space launches."