Today the UK government made history through the publication of their first ever national space strategy.

No longer content to sit on the sidelines the UK government is going “all in” to position the nation to benefit from the long term growth of the space domain.

In particular is their intention to fight climate change with space technology. A recognition that the UK will not reach its goal of net zero emissions by 2050 without a clear understanding of how climate change is impacting the Earth, to guide crucial decision making and investments. To address this the aim is stay at the forefront of Earth Observation (EO) technology and know-how. Cutting-edge innovations use real-time satellite data to reduce carbon emissions and looking further out space-based solar power systems offer a potential zero carbon energy source.

The Prime Minister’s bold new space strategy is now taking shape for Great Britain or “Galactic Britain” as he references in the Forward of the published strategy.

Needless to say Seraphim is a big supporter of this strategy as the leading investor in the space domain. As the report says the UK is a growing leader in ancillary services, from a modern regulatory regime to private finance and insurance with the City of London providing an unparalleled global financial services centre. Owing to our national strengths in analytics, artificial intelligence, and app development, we see key opportunities in markets that use data from space to build services and applications for Earth Observation, Navigation, and Space Domain Awareness.

The growth of the sector will be driven by the dynamism, entrepreneurialism, expertise and curiosity of the UK’s world-leading space companies and scientists.

Seraphim Space looks forward to backing world leading startups to join the ranks alongside the UKs existing space trailblazers such as ArQit and Isotropic Systems.

See the full National Space Strategy here: